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3514 Morton St.
Jacksonville, FL 32217


Licensed Sign Contractor NES-1

Member United States Sign Council
Member First Coast Apartment Assoc.


Standard Entry Monument Sign Models

We offer 40 standard monument signs, as well as, custom River City Advertising designs (please click here to go to our gallery) ; or we can fabricate a custom sign from your design.

Main Entry Monument Sign

These monument signs can be customized with color and your name and logo; popular choices include the addition of dimensional letters, gold leafing, or a sandblasted sign face. We can modify the dimensions of any sign to fit your space. We will provide you with an installation guide. For more information on monument fabrication, please visit our page on monument sign basics.

These prices reflect the sign structure only. We would be happy to assist you with the design and fabrication of a custom sign face. Please browse our website for samples of our work.

Click the monuments to view enlarged images, side views, and dimensions.

Monument Model 1

Monument Model 2

Monument Sign Model 1

Monument Sign Model 2

Size: 6' 6H" x 7' 6W" x 1'4"
Please Contact Us for Pricing
Click for a larger picture

Size: 5'H x 9'W x 1'9"
Please Contact Us for Pricing
Click for a larger picture

Monument Model 3

Monument Model 4

Monument Sign Model 3
Monument Sign Model 4

Size: 5'6"H x 11'6"W x 1'4"
Please Contact Us for Pricing
Click here to see a modified example

Size: 8'H x6'W x 1'2"
Please Contact Us for Pricing
Click for a larger picture

Monument Model 5
Monument Model 6
Monument Sign Model 5
Monument Sign Model 6

Size: 7'3"H x 10'W x 1'8"
Please Contact Us for Pricing
Click for a larger picture

Size: 9'H x 7'W x 1'
Please Contact Us for Pricing
Click for a larger picture

Monument Model 7
Monument Model 8
Monument Sign Model 7
Monument Sign Model 8

Size: 5'H x 10'W x 1'
Please Contact Us for Pricing
Click here to see a modified example

Size: 8'H x 6'6"W x 1'
Please Contact Us for Pricing
Click for a larger picture

To view more standard Monument Models, click here to go to pages 2, 3, 4, and 5.

All monuments are custom built to your specifications. A 50% deposit is required before work commences. The balance is due at time of delivery. All monuments incur a crate fee ($100-$250) plus actual shipping.

The drawing and design of the 40 standard models are the copyrighted property of Peachtree City Foamcraft. They are reproduced here with their written consent and offered to you by River City Advertising, Inc., an approved vendor.



Thank you for
visiting us.